Teen Development

Teen Development Surfing Program

The OPC Teen Development program is a multi-tiered surf performance program aimed at junior athletes aged between 12 & 16. Depending upon maturation rate some of our sessions may not be suitable for all teens. The OPC program caters for recreational and competitive surfers alike.

The OPC has a proven track record of improving surfing ability, over the years we have helped a great deal of recreation surfers progress to becoming regional, state and national champions. Surf Coaching Sessions take place of a morning between mon and thursday at either Wurtulla or Maroochydore Beach. Centre training sessions take place of an afternoon between monday and thursday at Maroochydore.

Teen Development Program

1 x Surf Coaching Session per week
4 x Centre Training Sessions per week

Each centre training session focuses on a different athletic quality essential for surfing, such as, overall fitness, core stability & balance, Mobility & flexibility & Functional Strength.

Teen Development Tier 1 Program Program – for competitive surfers only

1 x Surf Coaching session per week
4 x Centre training sessions per week (as mentioned above)
1 x Tier 1 only training session per week

This program is also offered at discounted rates for competitive surfers

Scholarship/Sponsorship Program

Elite surfers only
Entry gained by application or selection only

Services are the same as tier 1 program – We fully fund this program so the cost to the surfer is zero. However there is a contractual agreement that surfers must sign in regards to their attendance, dedication and committment to the program.

Extra Surf Coaching sessions are available upon request