For over twenty years the name Mark Stitt has been synonymous with Sports, Health and Fitness here on the Sunshine Coast. Stitty as he is affectionately known founded Suncoast Fitness back in 1993, which quickly became a hub of sporting and fitness excellence.

Mark has successfully owned and operated Suncoast Fitness for the last twenty years, making Suncoast Fitness one of the Sunshine Coasts most successful and longest standing fitness centres. After a successful career as an elite rugby player the transition to fitness centre owner seemed obvious to Mark.

Suncoast Fitness currently supports several local sporting institutions and has been the training ground of the Sunshine Coast elite athletes for decades. Mark also co-founded FIT College, a leader in its field raising the bar in regards to educating fitness professionals. Marks theoretical and practical knowledge has ensured that the OPC utilises state of the art cutting edge training techniques and concepts. Mark believes in a very holistic approach to sports and fitness, a concept that the OPC agrees with “Your fitness, health and sporting performance is all about lifestyle choices and learning to enjoy the greatest gift, your health and your body. To achieve this you must become emotionally sound, fuel your body well and improve your mental state.”

Marks motto is “life is not a dress rehearsal, you have one life and one shot at it so live it well”